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Saturday 2nd July, 2022

No. 5,366

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Anagrams Page 2

Unfortunately, puzzle setters rarely play fair and it's easy to become misled if you seize too hard upon the idea that a clue contains an anagram. Consider the following:

What helps to make elitist hated? Most certainly! (2,2,4)

You might think that this is an anagram of 'elitist', which is 7 letters, using an extra letter from somewhere. Either 'make' or 'hated' are reasonable hints to an anagram. Once you have 'I' as the first letter and 'I' as the third, and 'T' as the last letter (as I did), it seems a dead cert that we're jumbling the letters of elitist. The trouble was, nothing seemed to fit. After much head banging we realised that this wasn't an anagram at all but in fact a hidden word and the answer had been staring us in the face all the time. It's 'It is that' (el it is that ed).

Apart from adding letters to an anagram, sometimes you need to take them out.

Growth in resistance, perhaps, way out (8)

This clue is a tricky little beast because it looks initially simple. There's the word 'perhaps' to tell us there's an anagram and 'way out' looks like a good candidate for the 'straight' clue, with the provided letters a possible I, C, E and E, the anagram seems obvious. It all starts to fall apart though once you see that 'resistance' is 10 letters, not 8. In fact, it's 'growth' that's the straight clue, and 'way out' is actually telling you to remove the letters 'st' from resistance. Once you've done this it's just a hop, skip and a jump to 'increase', the solution.

'st' (the commmon abbreviation of 'street') as mentioned above it one of The Telegraph's favourite 'keywords'. Any time you see 'way' mentioned in a clue, you can usually expect to use 'st' or possibly 'rd' (for 'road') in the solution somewhere.

Anagrams also crop up as smaller portions of a larger solution but that's enough on them. Let's move on to their close cousins, hidden words.

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